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The DT Crew is the success of the company and its clients. With the online on real time support from the office equipment like the DT1 Program are “Mobile Units” that provide Materials on Location and Tool Department with every possible tool needed to renovate property.

The Do Team operating Departments are: Planning and Architectural, Permitting and Legal, Design, Crew Teams Operations, General Construction, Site Security.   Visit each Dept….

Planning & Architecture Permitting & Legal Design
Crew Teams Operations General Construction Site Security

DT1 (a Frightline 28 Feet Equipped with 1. All Possible Tolls to Renovate a Property, 2. The Storage Supplies for the Property, and 3. An Air Condition 8 feet office with Kitchen, Bathroom Computers WIFI.

DT 1 Unit
DT 1 Unit: It’s a 26 Foot Truck 
These are trucks equip with almost every possible tool needed to remodel a home. Also equipped with an office 8′ x 8′  with computer, WIFI, CCTV Equipment to monitor operations.