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Research before investing is very important and show be with a professional in the real estate field. And investing in auction bidding properties take a lot more of research.

Auction Investment Group starts with the most comprehensive research to provide investor the information need to make the right bidding in the Government County Auction (See Diagram)

Also provides Auction List with full details on each property. “Register and receive emails and or a text  when the type of property is going in the auction.

AIG Standard List Free  AIG Premium List

TheStandard List” displays the information provided by the Foreclosing County Clerk of Court.  –  This list FREE  (View Sample of List) 

Our “Premium Level” List displays the Property Picture, Amenities, Title with any Liens, Mortgages, Code Violations, Projected Bidding Price Range and Return on Investment. Also create a real-tine privet Portfolio to track and monitor properties that have been Cancel by the Court on a Sale Date and the next schedule Sale Date. Plus much more. AIG Premium List cost: $49.00 Monthly (View Sample of List)

Investors using our Buying (Bidding) Service will receive a three (3) month for the list they have purchase and three (3) month free lists.

Title as Individual Title In Corporate Title In Trust

Investments are determine by their goals and risk factors. Their are many investment programs but only certain one will reach their goals. AIG will show you the different properties with their Cost, Renovations Costs and Projected Sales.  You select which one will best meet your investments goals.


Taking Title in your investment is part of the infrastructure of your investment goal. We highly recommend to take title from the beginning. Its safe and bring many benefits. One of its benefits is if your plan is to flip the property as soon as possible. Most lender will require a 90 days seasoning (Having Title in sellers name before selling).

In Trust Investor Program are one of a kind. The are the best for family investment groups, also for partners, but specially or the privacy of the owners of the investments. The benefits are endless. Consult one of our Asset managers or an attorney for details on a Trust. And what kind of Trust best suits your investments goals.

In the AIG Portfolio Management, their is a report call “Chain of Title” and it details the order in which the property has change title until it reflects your name. The report is supported with Certified Copies from the County Recording Clerk of Court.

The Auction Investment Group International, Inc. (AIG) Investment Philosophy is simple;

“If an investment is not good enough for us, its no good enough for our clients.” 

AIG was founded as research center for our own company investments. After our first couple of years company friends asks if we could pass them some real estate investments they wants to do the some things we were doing.