Loss Mitigations

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Auction Investment Group (AIG) is creating a new Division called “Loss Mitigation” assisting the Homeowners (Defendants In Foreclosure) to save their Home. In most cases the “Judgement Amount” owned to the Lenders (Plaintiff) far exceed the Market Value of the property.

Most Lenders “Loan  Modification Programs” the lender would modifide the loan reducing the interest to Two (2%) Percent and the Past Due Interest is added to the end of the Mortgage Term from a 30 year to a 40 Year life of the loan.

“AIG Loss Mitigaation Program” provides homeowners that qualify a simple “End to Foreclosure and a Clean Start with a “Rent to Buy” Program or a New Mortgage with a Downpayment.

AIG Loss Mitigation Program
The AIG Loss Mitigation Program is simple, AIG will bid and purchase your property in the auction. In most cases the purchase the purchase price is below the market value of the property and far below the Judgement Aount of the Foreclosing Lender. After the purchase AIG will sell the property to the privious homeowner either with a “Rent to Buy Program” of a New Mortgage with a down Payment. (Guideline to qualified for Program)   

For more information contact: Alfredo.AuctionInvestmentGroup@gmail.com arch.