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The most important thing in purchasing properties in Government Foreclosure Auction in the Security in make sure you are buying a Clean Title and that is what AIG delivers to its investors.     

Once the investors knows the property is interested in bidding, AIG Research Department will create a Profile in the property, confirming its clean title.

Deposit:  Then the investor will deposit 5% of the price interested in buying the property. The deposit is made to the Miami-Dade Clerk of Court, Escrow Account with the AIG Bidder Number.  When the Successful Bid is obtain, the 5% is applied toward the purchase price. In the event a successful bid is not obtain, the investors can request the deposit be refunded. The Clerk of court issue and mail the check directly to the investor name and address. AIG dose not hold any escrow or deposit for the investor.

Bidding Process: The bidding process

Successful Bid: When a successful bid is obtain

Paying the property: Payment must be maid by 12:00 Noon the next business day. Pay can be made via Cashiers Check payable to the Miami-Dade Clerk of Court or a Wire Transfer to the Miami-Dade Clerk of Court. And the accompany payment for the AIG Auction Premium Fee  for services rendered.

AIG Auction Premium Fee: The standard fee is Ten (10%) from the next cost of the successful Bid. Re-curing investors receive additional discounts and large properties also qualify for additional discounts.  

Participating Realtors: Receive compensation from within the AIG Auction Premium Fee.  

Purchase Warranty: In the event the investor is not satisfied within seven (7) days from the purchase date, AIG will purchase the property for its investment portfolio. 

Contact: Alfredo Gonzalez, Trustee and Director, of Auction Investment Group International Trust at (786) 612-1768 or email; [email protected] 

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