Research Center

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Research Center Six Levels of Research Research Alerts

Our Research Center operates several systems incorporating Clearing Title, Projected Profits, Sales programs to use that best suitable. Operates 12 hours daily Monday thru Friday. Also uses Field Scouts to confirm property conditions.

Placing A Bid: AIG has several programs for investors to place a Bid on a specific property or just wants certain properties with a specific guide and have AIG Research Center recommend what properties to buy. AIG will recommend which properties are better to bid.

To place a Bid a writing confirmation is requested or a recorded authorization is used. At the AIG Trading Center Office all calls are recorded.

Bidding Philosophy: Our Bidding Philosophy is simple, No Bidding Emotion is used when bidding a Specific Target Price is set and has a Max Bid Price.

Bidding Guideline: Are fixed amounts that are set to meet the investment guideline, and are determine from the beginning.

How to determine your bid: is bases on your investment goal, but depending on the property certain guideline are used.